What if my permit requires an additional review, such as Health Department?
We can do that too. For our residential permits, this service is included at no additional cost as long as the Health permit is ready to submit at the same time as the building permit. Should you required a stand alone Health Department review we can provide that service. For a small fee, we will process that permit for you too.

How long does it take to get a permit?
Each building department is different and has their own standard times for process. However, it has been our experience that a well prepared package, complete with all requested documents tends to move more quickly through the building department.

What if I don’t have everything I need to submit?
This is where our service typically pays for itself. After our initial meeting with the builder, we then sit down with the building departments checklist and review the package for deficiencies. Once we
have our list of items needed, we obtain the contact information for the individuals involved and set out to gather the balance of the items.

How is your service different from a permit runner?
Typically, a permit runner is someone who picks up your permit package, regardless of completeness, and submits it to the building department. This service is usually similar to a courier service without much more involvement in the project. At FABA, we become as familiar with your project as you are.We arm ourselves with the full scope of information surrounding your project which helps us to be a true advocate with the building department for your project. We engage the plan reviewers and building department staff when necessary and become the helpful source for all details during the process. Consistency in submittal, consistency in follow up and consistency in process is a winning recipe!

Do I still need to monitor my permit through the process?
That is entirely up to you. No action is required on your part – we do all the babysitting! We check all of our permits daily and report any activity on the permit status log. In addition, we know how long the building departments are usually taking to review a permit and make sure it is routing according to standard timelines.

What do you do after the permit has been submitted?
This is where it gets busy. We babysit your permit from submittal to issuance and keep you posted, at least weekly, of your permit status. We monitor the online status daily and report any movement of the permit. When comments are issued, we know immediately and jump into action disseminating that information to the players affected. Once the permit has completed its required reviews and all comments have been issued, we follow up with your design professionals until the corrections are ready for resubmittal. We pick up those corrections and submit a complete respond to all comments back to the building department.

What about the fees due at permit submittal, do you pay for those?
All permit fees charged by any jurisdiction for any permit are the responsibility of the builder. A check covering permit/plan review fees will be required from the builder at the time of permit submittal. At permit issuance, we advise the builder of the permit amount and obtain a check. FABA does not provide permit fees under any circumstances.

When do I pay for this service?
The buck stops here! And we mean that. No money is due for our service until the permit has been issued
by the building department. We want your permit as quickly as you do and we will do 100% of the work
prior to invoicing you for our service. We are confident in our ability and will endure the work first and
get paid second – just like our builders!!

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