Permitting Service

Time management for builders! FABA’s permitting service is available to take care of the details so the builder can concentrate on more important matters, growing your business!

No one is more intimately familiar with a new construction project than the builder. We at FABA understand that and we have designed our service to work with the builder to gather and coordinate the permit package for a complete submittal and smooth review. For more information, contact Tina Perryman, Permitting Expediter, at 540-898-2730 or [email protected]

Step One - Kickoff Meeting
We meet with the builder to obtain as much information as possible about the project. If the contractor has already begun gathering plans and applications, we obtain those items from the builder along with all project details, design professional contact information, subcontractor contact information and any other information pertinent to the project.
Step Three - Signatures
When a complete permit package is assembled, we arrange the final signatures with the builder and, when possible, provide the builder with a dollar amount that will be due at permit submittal. We obtain a check from the builder for permit submittal fees and submit the complete package to the building department.
Step Five - Feedback
If and when building department comments are issued, the FABA permitting division will obtain those comments and distribute to the builder and design professionals or subcontractors whose submittals are affected by the comments.
Step Seven - Correction Management
We then monitor the movement of our corrections through the building department and update the builder on additional approvals or comments.
Step Two - Coordination
We then begin our coordinating of the paperwork and plans required for submittal in the appropriate jurisdiction. If needed, we contact your design professionals and subcontractors to obtain the necessary plans and documents required for submittal.
Step Four - Monitoring
Once the permit has been submitted, the permit division then monitors that permit through the entire building department review and notify the builder, at least weekly – of all activity related to that permit. (see sample Permit Status Log below).
Step Six - Correction Management
Once the comments have been dispersed, we then follow up with those individuals until the corrections are in our hands. When all corrections have been obtained, we submit those corrections to the building department for a second review.
Step Eight - Final Approval
When the permit has finished routing and is approved by all departments, we obtain the permit fee amount and notify the builder of the amount. We pick up the check from the builder, pick up the permit and deliver into the hands of the builder.

Sample Permit Status Log

Below is a sample of our Permit Status Log. Each project being processed by FABA will receive a Permit Status Log every time there is activity on the permit or at least once a week. This log details all activity whether it is by FABA, the design professionals, the subcontractors, the owner or the building department. At any given time, our builders will know where their permit is, what has already been done and what is still left to do. Having this information on a regular basis is helpful when scheduling and planning for mobilization of the project.


Below is a sample of a permit that FABA is currently expediting for one of our builders. This represents a true example of our Permit Status Log in action.


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