2017 Scholarships Offered

Fredericksburg Area Builder’s Association

Will Award $13,300 in Scholarships

To local students attending College in Fall of 2017


April 6, 2017

The Steigleder Family Scholarship, was established in 1998 to serve the higher education needs of young people from the Fredericksburg Area.  Awards are made on the basis of demonstrated academic and extra-curricular ability, community involvement, need and potential.  This year  scholarships equal $13,300.

The Endowment Committee for The Steigleder Family Scholarship is accepting applications for the Steigleder Family Scholarship. To qualify for the scholarship students must have been accepted to attend (or already attending) the University of Richmond as a full-time undergraduate student. The scholarship can be as much as $5000.00 each year, provided that the recipient(s) continues to be enrolled as an undergraduate at the University of Richmond and maintains satisfactory academic citizenship.

Students should check with their guidance counselors or scholarship coordinators for information and/or applications. Deadline to apply is April 14, 2017. The Steigleder Family Scholarship Fund was established in 1998. It is the desire of these individuals to give preference to a resident of Caroline County, Virginia. It is also preferred the student complete their studies in a building industry related field. However, ALL students will be given an opportunity to qualify for these awards.

Fredericksburg Area Builder’s Association, “FABA” during its annual academic awards program. The Steigleder Family Scholarship Fund, awarded annually to a student or students that has demonstrated a passion to learn, is awarded in May of each year for the following school term and is offered to students who will attend the University of Richmond

Established by Fredericksburg Area Builder’s Association’s Life Director, Mr. H. R. Steigleder, a community leader and local builder from Bowling Green.  Mr. Steigleder wished to assist local students further their education at his Alma Matta, the University of Richmond.  Mr. Steigleder was a life director for the association as well as president of the Home Builders Association of Virginia in 1976.  This past year FABA was fortunate to award three scholarships from his very kind gift.  Scholarships were awarded for academic excellence, community service and financial need.  One of the recipients was awarded his fourth Steigleder Scholarship from the Fredericksburg Area Builders Association for a total of $20,200 to date.

Maria Moore, FABA Executive Vice President, said, “The scholarship program is one of the community involvement programs provided by the Fredericksburg Area Builders Association’s building industry members for the Fredericksburg area.  The FABA membership is pleased to provide educational assistance to worthy students as part of our ongoing support of the community we serve.”

For additional information contact Maria Moore at 540-898-2730 or [email protected].


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