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FAB Foundation

Fredericksburg Area Builders Association’s Charitable Organization

The FAB Foundation is chaired by a group of voluntary directors who work to help the Fredericksburg area community through several initiatives. With a greater emphasis on the growing need for workforce development in our region, FAB has partnered with local educators and has established seven local FABA Students Chapters in Stafford, Caroline, Fredericksburg, Orange, and Spotsylvania Counties. We will continue working toward the establishment of student chapters in all the municipalities that we serve. FAB foundation has grant opportunities available for those looking to learn a trade and to potentially partner with member mentors and job placement opportunities.

FABs Initiative is to provide opportunities to bridge the gap between future workforce and our member partners in several ways such as financially supporting students, connecting them with real-life experience and jobs.

We are also partnering with the local chamber and others who are doing student expos, mock training for job skills, career days, and job fairs. FAB is a 501C3 and all donations are tax deductible. 

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