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Why Join the FABA Young Professionals?

When you join the FABA Young Professionals you will have exclusive access to programs and events tailored to you. You’ll have the opportunity to find education programs geared for where you are in your career, learn from mentors you can relate to, create a strong network of young professionals you can grow with, and have some fun along the way.

Not a FABA member yet? No worries! Join here and be sure to choose ‘Young Professional – First Year’ on option 5.

Are you or your company already a FABA member? Great! Register as a Young Professional here.

The Details...

Membership in the FABA Young Professionals is limited to forward-looking young professionals who are 21 to 45 years old and are serious about advancing their careers and want to have some fun along the way.

If that’s you…
Welcome to the club!

HOW TO JOIN the FABA Young Professionals Group:

New FABA Members

If you have not been the primary member of FABA in the last two years then you qualify for this incredible deal, $75 for your first year! This membership program has a special rate for your first four years of FABA membership:

  • $75 for the first year
  • $300 for the second year
  • $500 for the third year
  • $700 for the fourth
  • Full price in your fifth year

Current FABA Members

If you wish to be part of the Young Professional at FABA and your company is already a member in good standing then you only pay $50pp per year (affiliate membership) to join with all of the same benefits listed above.

If your company participates in the FABA Cornerstone program then one YP affiliate membership is included for the year.

FABA Young Professionals Leadership

James Roberson - Chairman
Lauren Bruning - Vice Chair of YP and Membership
Meghan Butcher - FABA Staff Liaison
Jorge Ibarra - Mentor Coordinator
Taylor Gehring - Community Service Collaborator
Nathan Dobbins - Education Collaborator
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