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FABA Annual Spike Reward Program (Year Jan – Dec)

NAHB Spike Club: Become a Spike by recruiting and retaining FABA members. Spikes earn one credit for each new Builder or Associate member they recruit to join the association. When that member renews after his or her first year of membership, the sponsoring member automatically gets one renewal credit. Every year the member renews thereafter, the sponsoring member will receive a ½ renewal credit.


FABA Spike Points: Each New Member counts as 1 Member spike point

1st Member: Spike Report Announcement* in Newsletter, on FABA social media, and at Board Meeting

2nd Member: Social Media spike-focused Post (congratulatory or promo of spike’s company/ business); and Gift Card; *Spike Report

3rd Member: Hole/station sponsorship or gift card; *Spike Report

4th Member: $75 Account Credit to be used toward FABA EVENTS (must be used within 6 months of recruiting #4); *Spike Report

5th Member: Invitation to Spike VIP Nats Suite and Crabfeast and a FABA WISH (i.e. member meeting, training, visit, See Maria re: details); *Spike Report

6th Member: Video Spotlight of Spike on Social Media; and 2 Exclusive VIP Tickets or foursome (redeemable in 2022) ; *Spike Report

7th Member: Spike Spotlight (Interview with photos in FABA Newsletter article/Blueprint and Website– written from 5-question survey — about the spike and their company/business); or half page ad in newsletter *Spike Report

8th Member: 15-minute Presentation Time to Full Board; ½ Page Ad in FABA newsletter; and $200 FABA Account Credit; *Spike Report

9th Member: $350 Account Credit to be used toward FABA EVENTS (must be used within 6 months of recruiting #9); *Spike Report

10th Member: Acknowledgement at FABA Presidents Gala; FABA Membership Renewal or Hometown Trip (dinner, show or winery value $500); *Spike Report

MVP Spike: top spike point earner in each of the April and October Membership Drives: April MVP Recognition at Spring Golf – October MVP Recognition at Annual Meeting; Award; Gift Card

FABA TOP SPIKE: Spike point top earner for year Recognition and podium time at Presidents Gala and Award.

Top Spike award goes to the FABA member that has sponsored the most new members during the year. The award is granted in appreciation and acknowledgment of their dedication and support that leads to membership growth allowing the association to have a bigger voice in the building industry.