Governmental Affairs

Bruce Reese of The Engineering Groupe is the Chair of the FABA Legislative Committee.  Bruce Reese, with the help of the Legislative Committee and the staff at FABA, stays abreast of all local and state issues that could affect the Building industry.  Mr. Reese and the rest of the Legislative Committee meet the 3rd Thursday of each month to discuss a variety of topics being monitored in each FABA jurisdiction.  All FABA members are welcome to attend the monthly meetings.

This information is being sent as an outline of items being monitored and/or acted upon by the Association.   FABA meets bi-monthly with County staff to stay informed and provide input on matters of interest to the building industry.   Any FABA member is welcome to attend the bi-monthly meetings.

Stafford transportation impact fee reduction from $5,900 per lot to $2,999

Changed definition of building height in Stafford – most SFD now in compliance.

Working hard to change Stafford’s reserve drainfield requirements.

Push to make all submissions electronic – including upgrade of Stafford computer system, now more builder-friendly.

Working with Stafford on revised lighting standards.

Got Stafford to purchase scanner for use by builders when submitting electronic plans.

Stafford, and Spotsy Counties – VDOT agreement to allow water and sewer lines in the streets instead of in an easement on the lots.

We have spoken at, and opposed, fee increases in every jurisdiction in the past – most jurisdictions have not considered increases lately, but when they do, they typically seek our input.  Most recently in April of this year two BOD members spoke at Spotsy BOS Meeting and had a 20% fee increase on average reduced from right away to being phased in over four years at 5% per year

Reduced SWM criteria for City of Fredericksburg – working with Friends of Rappahannock and City officials.

Coordinated the cluster mailbox issue with USPS – now seems to be non-issue.

Proffer reform statewide

In 2015, HBAV pushed for and got the date for payment of cash proffers until after final inspection – previously, those proffers could have been paid as early as preliminary plan approval.

In 2014, HBAV got approval for subdivisions with 50 or fewer lots to by-pass the preliminary plan process – saving months of review and processing time.

Extension of preliminary plan validity to 7/1/20

In 2015 we met with Stafford County to successfully suggest changes be made to revise the way they assigned addresses to avoid delays in recorded plats being entered into the system so permits could be issued more quickly.

In 2014 we successfully  lobbied the Stafford Utility Department to allow Land Surveyors to seal plans which included pressure force mains and waterlines.

June 2017 – 25 foot buffer around 100 year water surface elevation in Stafford

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